A promotion agreement is a mechanism for landowners to achieve greater returns from the sale of land by partnering with a specialist. As your partner Rosconn will obtain planning permission for your land and then promote this land for sale.

At all times until the point of final sale you remain the landowner and therefore typically achieve a far greater return for the sale of a more valuable asset.

Actual Realised Value

With a promotion agreement, you benefit from selling a more valuable opportunity to the eventual housebuilders.

No financial risk to you

As the promoter of your land, Rosconn will cover all of the costs associated with the project. The promotion and planning process can be a costly affair but in a promotion agreement, this is not a concern for you as the landowner.

No conflicts of interest

Sellers of land want to sell for the highest price and buyers of land want to pay the lowest price. When working with Rosconn in a promotion agreement, our interests are aligned to achieve the maximum sale value from the land.

Optimum performance

With shared objectives, you can be confident in the highest levels of performance from your team at Rosconn. Our job is to be provide a high quality development opportunity that is desirable to both the local community and town planners in the shortest reasonable time frame.

Protect your community

With a promotion agreement, you are involved as much as you would like to be in relation to the development that is submitted for planning permission. This ensures that you have full knowledge over how your land will be developed.

Tailored Agreements

Promotion agreements are bespoke contracts that take into account the circumstances of your situation whether you have strict views on how the land can be developed or whether you are a group of landowners bringing different amounts of land together in one development.

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